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Finding the right dog trainer

Choosing the right trainer for you and your dog is extremely important. Dog training is as much about teaching you the skills you need to know to communicate effectively with your dog, as it is about teaching your dog skills. With this in mind, you need to consider the approaches that different trainers use, and decide which approach and training philosophy is best suited for you.

Pawsome Dog Training is primarily focused around positive reinforcement training techniques, which I use in my training to promote the desired behaviors that you would like to see occur more often in your dog. Positive reinforcement is a reward-based training technique where the dog is trained to perform desirable behaviors on cue. The more they perform these behaviors, the more they are rewarded; essentially, this teaches the dog that they will receive the things they want (example: treats or praising) only when they obey the command.
When a dog is not performing a desirable behavior or disobeying the cue, I use negative reinforcement as a form of correction. Negative reinforcement should not be confused with “punishment.” The two are very different, and punishment (ex: yelling, physical corrections, and “dominant/alpha dog role playing”) is not part of my training philosophy. Negative reinforcement is simply removing something the dog wants (your attention, praise, treats, exc.) when they are not giving you the appropriate response. Through using these techniques, the dog is taught that when they perform properly and listen to you, the owner, they receive what they want; whereas, when they do not obey the commands, they do not receive what they want.

It is important to remember that dogs are always learning, whether we’re actively teaching them or not. Just like people, dogs are constantly trying new behaviors on to see what works and what doesn’t. It is up to us to show them which behaviors are desirable or wanted and which ones are not. Training allows us to do this. Positive reinforcement training helps to establish and nurture the bond between dog and human, and helps ensure that your dog will respond consistently to your commands, as well as live a happy, more balanced life.

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